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Every nonprofit has its challenges. National Capital Nonprofit Consultants (NCNC) is a network of independent consultants in the Washington Metropolitan region who are available to you individually or together, depending on your organization's needs.


NCNC independent consultants each have their own distinct areas of expertise and have worked together in many different ways over the years.


Hiring NCNC independent consultants to assist you through your short- or long-term challenges has many advantages:


  • We bring expertise in our respective areas. 
  • Our expertise is not only operational; we also focus on the “big picture” and help you develop a strategic approach to achieve current and future goals.
  • We also have relationships with others who provide expertise in human resources, technology, graphic design, corporate brand identity and direct mail.
  • You can solve short-term problems, without committing to permanent staffing increases. 
  • We can help you assess what permanent staffing you require beyond the consulting agreement.
  • Our rates are reasonable and you save on overhead and personnel costs associated with employees.
  • We have experience as consultants to nonprofits and as employees and board members of nonprofits. 
  • We are able to be flexible and customize our work and approach to meet your needs. 
  • We believe in and are committed to the nonprofit world. We are passionate about helping nonprofits achieve their mission and realize their vision in most efficient way. 
  • We understand and appreciate the many stakeholders in nonprofits.
  • We have strong interpersonal skills and can motivate and support employees at all levels of the organization, as appropriate. 
  • We have been successful in helping nonprofits and know what it takes to help you succeed.


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